Our mission is to showcase the amazing people, cities, and venues responsible for the $263 Billion Meetings and Convention Industry.

Used by convention sales managers, event planners, exhibitors, attendees, delegates, and local businesses,

ConventionCalendar.com is an easy way to view and plan for upcoming events. ConventionCalendar.com is updated daily by leading convention centers, destination marketing organizations, and trade associations. The application is owned and operated by Destination Advantage LLC.


Connect Your Venue

An exclusive opportunity to showcase your center to planners, exhibitors, attendees, and service providers

According to the landmark research by the Convention Industry Council 270,000 of the 1.8 million meetings are classified as conventions. Did you know that the meetings and convention business supports 1.7 million jobs and is larger than many U.S. industries including broadcasting and communications, truck and rail transportation and computer manufacturing? Fact is the $263 Billion Meeting and Convention Industry contributes $106 Billion to the U.S. GDP which is greater than the auto manufacturing, spectator sports, and information and data processing services!

Brand Awareness

Exclusive Opportunity

Feature your convention center to planners, exhibitors, and attendees early in the planning stage. ConventionCalendar.com is agressively marketed on line and accessible to any internet connected devices including mobile phones, tablets, smart TV’s, laptops, netbooks, readers, and desktop computers. ConventionCalendar.com is linked to an exclusive network of business journals, newspapers and trade associations.

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