San Jose Convention Center

Convention Center in San Jose, CA, United States

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CVB Name: Team San Jose
Top Reasons to Visit: 1. Top-notch facilities with a planner-friendly process makes your event a winner and your job a breeze. 2. Speaking of breeze, the San Jose weather is fantastic! Even when it does get below 60 you'll have no problem navigating the close-knit downtown. 3. Arts, Culture, Sports, History, Technology. We have it all here in the capital of Silicon Valley. Innovation starts here.
Number of Hotel Rooms Within One Mile of Convention Center: 2,270
Largest Convention Hotel: The Fairmont Hotel San Jose
Hotels Within One Mile of Convention Center: 25
Total Number of Guest Rooms: 8,895
Served by International Flights (y/n): No
Number of Miles from Downtown: 3
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