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CONVENTION CENTER    located in Spokane , WA , US

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  • CVB Name:: Visit Spokane
  • URL::
  • Top Reasons to Visit:: 1. Destination Appeal - Downtown Spokane balances the hip, bustling culture, dining, nightlife and shopping of a big city with the intimate, walkable friendliness of a compact downtown. 2. Unbeatable Value - Meeting in Spokane offers you all the amenities of a much larger city at a fraction of the cost of other West Coast cities. 3. Compact Convention Center District - Conveniently located along the banks of the Spokane River adjacent to 100-acre Riverfront Park, in the center of downtown Spokane.
  • Number of Hotel Rooms Within One Mile of Convention Center:: 3,536
  • Largest Convention Hotel:: The Davenport Hotel and Tower
  • Hotels Within One Mile of Convention Center:: 19
  • Total Number of Guest Rooms:: 6,950
  • Served by International Flights (y/n):: No
  • Number of Miles from Downtown:: 7
  • In the last three years, the Convention Center provided over $21 million of economic impact to the Spokane economy.
  • The twelve works of local art scattered on the campus are valued at over half a million dollars.
  • Local economic contribution helps create 675 full time jobs and $17.5 million in labor income.
  • The events at the Convention Center during the last three years generated over 112,000 room nights.
  • Spokane visitors spent $870 million in Spokane County, providing jobs for 9,820 residents and generating $60.9 million in state and local taxes -- $307 dollars in tax relief for every household in Spokane County.
  • The Spokane Convention Center is LEED Silver Certified and committed to sustainable operations.
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