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15 Mar

One Stop Convention Planning

How are meeting planners using ConventionCalendar.com and its technology to work for them?  

Let’s get real for just a minute. The life of a meeting planner isn’t as easy as some may think. While the results of endless calls and web searches are remarkable, the process of achieving the perfect event can be a headache.

Yes, there are so many components to planning the complete event, but why not simplify the most important, and yet, most difficult part – finding the perfect venue. (Cue past memories of dread, stress, and panic) ConventionCalendar.com is here to mix things up and rescue meeting planners from East to West.

So you may be wondering how exactly does this program make booking the picture-perfect venue easier? It’s Simple!

Sounds too good to be true, right?! Well it’s not! The ability for meeting planners and venues to connect so easily via one channel revolutionizes the way booking a venue is done. In addition, the administrative site allows meeting planners to keep track of all RFPs they have submitted, along with some other great features to keep everything organized and easily accessible. Not to mention the boost in attendance for your event once it’s booked and listed on the website. Oh, and guess what, it’s FREE! Don’t waste any more time and submit your RFP today!

Where will your next event be held?

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