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CONVENTION CENTER    located in San Francisco , CA , US

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Moscone Center is San Francisco’s largest convention and meeting space. Combined, the three buildings consist of over 740,000 square feet of exhibit space, more than 100 meeting rooms, and as many as four ballrooms.

Gross Exhibit Space:601,574 q. ft.
Meeting Space:411,208 sq.r.
Number of Meeting Rooms:120
Ballroom:56,294 sq. ft.
Number of Permanent Seats:0
  • The Moscone Center (Moscone North, South and West) consists of more than two million square feet of building area, including over 700,000 square feet of exhibit space, up to 106 meeting rooms, and nearly 123,000 square feet of prefunction lobbies.
  • The planned expansion of Moscone Center will benefit the city in many ways, including the creation of 3,424 long-term jobs (in addition to construction jobs).
  • Highly engineered to meet stringent seismic standards, a unique coupled-girder system in designed to minimize structural damage in the event of an earthquake up to a magnitude of 8.2, in combination with a system of 248 friction dampers that act to dissip
  • The Moscone Center Expansion and Improvement Project is expected to generate $734 million in new economic impact and $20 million in additional hotel tax revenue.
  • The expansion of Moscone Center will add approximately 350,000 to 400,000 square feet to the convention center, including 80,000 or more square feet of contiguous exhibit space, essential for attracting larger conventions.
  • The Moscone Center hosts approximately 1 million visitors each year and generates more than $1,6 billion in visitor spending. This spending contributes millions of dollars to the City's General Fund and supports thousands of jobs.
  • Tourism is the single biggest contributor to the San Francisco economy and the Moscone Center is responsible for 21% of it.
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