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San Jose Convention Center

CONVENTION CENTER    located in San Jose , CA , US

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  • CVB Name:: Team San Jose
  • URL::
  • Top Reasons to Visit:: 1. Top-notch facilities with a planner-friendly process makes your event a winner and your job a breeze. 2. Speaking of breeze, the San Jose weather is fantastic! Even when it does get below 60 you'll have no problem navigating the close-knit downtown. 3. Arts, Culture, Sports, History, Technology. We have it all here in the capital of Silicon Valley. Innovation starts here.
  • Number of Hotel Rooms Within One Mile of Convention Center:: 2,270
  • Largest Convention Hotel:: The Fairmont Hotel San Jose
  • Hotels Within One Mile of Convention Center:: 25
  • Total Number of Guest Rooms:: 8,895
  • Served by International Flights (y/n):: No
  • Number of Miles from Downtown:: 3
  • The san Jose Convention Center is connected to 2 hotels and is within walking distance of 5 others, making it very convenient for visitors.
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