Santa Clara Convention Center

Convention Center in Santa Clara, CA, United States

Global Digital Forum (GDF 2019)

Sep 03 2019 - Sep 04 2019

GLOBAL DIGITAL FORUM is conference with a difference. It is not just about new products and ideas. Digital transformation is more than the creation of an innovative product. GLOBAL DIGITAL FORUM is customer-focused. We are an INDUSTRY SOLUTION CONFERENCE, where customers and innovators will meet to discuss end-to-end solutions. Innovators will have access to thought leaders from various Industries, which will help to drive changes to product offerings based upon customer input, go-to-market strategies, and industry partnering. • GDF is broader than other conferences in that it will address all four horizontal digital technologies • Attendees have the ability not only to discuss the future of technology but more importantly the practical applications across 8 leading industries • As opposed to a single company sponsored event, GDF is an ecosystem providing best of breed thereby allowing audiences exposure to a variety of products • One of a kind event that incorporates developed countries as well as developing countries. • Opportunity for smaller companies and innovators to showcase their solutions on a global scale —something that they do not have access to today • VCs get the opportunity to see innovation across nations Please visit our website to learn more about the schedule, speakers, and more!

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