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CONVENTION CENTER    located in Vancouver , BC , CA

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  • CVB Name:: Tourism Vancouver
  • URL::
  • Top Reasons to Visit:: 1. If a city is judged by its diversity and culture, we're proud to say that Vancouver neighborhoods take top honors. No less than a dozen different enclaves invite visitors to stroll colorful sidewalks, savor spectacular settings and soak in a wide range of urban vibes. And the bonus for visitors is that so many of the neighborhoods in Vancouver are located so close to each other, making it possible to see many sides of this complex and diverse city during your visit. 2. Unparalleled outdoor adventure is within easy reach, yet the urban landscape is ripe for exploring as well. You may want to enjoy the wide-open spaces, the sandy beaches, majestic rainforest and rugged West Coast Mountains. Others come to try their hand at skiing, golfing, kayaking, scuba diving, fishing or hiking. Still others come to enjoy world-class cuisine and some of the finest and most eclectic shopping around. 3. There is absolutely no shortage of restaurants in Vancouver, and we’re confident that we have the best in the world. Best seafood, best cocktails, best chefs and, of course, best views. Dining at a restaurant with a great view is simply icing on the cake, and in Vancouver, it’s turned into a quintessential experience.
  • Number of Hotel Rooms Within One Mile of Convention Center:: 12,348
  • Largest Convention Hotel:: Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre Hotel
  • Hotels Within One Mile of Convention Center:: 210
  • Total Number of Guest Rooms:: 24,403
  • Served by International Flights (y/n):: Yes
  • Number of Miles from Downtown:: 9
  • VCC hosts over 500 events each year as it is British Columbia's leading events facility.
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